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Current promotion code: $10 bonus. July 2024 best incentive offer for opening new account or for existing customers depositing cash. friend referral bonus. Promotion

Open Account Promotional Offers and Rewards is a global cryptocurrency broker and exchange with a focus on bringing the world of crypto currencies into the mainstream. The exchange also focuses heavily on providing professional level trading tools to its user base, as well as offering new traders a stress free and low cost way to take part in the world of crypto.

Promotional offers and rewards can be a huge incentive for signing up with a broker or cryptocurrency exchange. This is especially true when many struggle to offer products and services that are distinct from the competition. has done a great job of breaking the promotional offer mold in order to offer some unique opportunities to its users. Cashback Program

Users at also get to take advantage of the Visa debit card cashback program. It is possible to earn up to 8% back on all purchases made with’s card. The firm offers many tiers of cards, and the cashback programs for each range from 2% cashback to 8%. Referral Program

Arguably, the most impressive rewards programs at are the referral programs. The App has a referral program that can earn user $25 per referred friend, and Exchange has a program that can earn a user up to $2000 per referred friend.

It is interesting to note that it is possible to refer as many people as you want. That means the rewards programs have virtually unlimited earning potential.

While the earning potential is certainly attractive, it is good to note some of the terms and conditions to get a better picture of the programs’ applicability to the everyday trader.

Referral Bonus #1 – App

The first referral bonus is a basic sign on bonus and is known on the platform as the BG25 Referral Program. A current user sends a referral code to a friend who then sign up with Once the friend has successfully signed up on the platform and passed the ID verification process, credits the new user’s account with $25 in CRO.

The new user cannot take the CRO out of their account, however. The bonus is locked in place until the new user stakes CRO as part of the Visa card application process. The new user should then stake CRO and place an order for their metal card. Once the new user has ordered their card, additional $25 is credited to the user who sent to referral.

Referral Bonus #2 – Exchange

The Exchange is a place built for pro traders, and the rewards program reflects that. When current users refer their friends to Exchange, they earn rewards based on how much CRO their friends are able to stake upon signing up.

As the referee stakes increasingly larger amounts, the rewards to the referrer grow as well. In addition to the referral reward credited into the account, referrers also earn 50% of the referee’s trading fees for an entire year.

The referral bonus on Exchange breaks down like this:

Staked Amount in CROReward Amount
1000 CRO $10
1000 CRO $50
10000 CRO $100
10000 CRO $200
100000 CRO $400
500000 CRO $800
1000000 CRO $1000
5000000 CRO $2000

Features and Services

Apart from the offering some hefty rewards programs, also provides a DeFi wallet app, Crypto-backed loans, a pro trading services complete with margin and derivative products, a user friendly mobile app, and much more.

When it comes to supplying a product that can fit a trader’s unique style and preferences, is quite successful. Novice traders will enjoy the simplicity of the app, while multi-million dollar traders can take advantage of the major events, competitions, and lucrative rewards programs that exist on the platform.

Whether traders are looking to use their crypto to hodl, trade, spend, or earn, they’ll find a suitable solution at

Pros and Cons

Good product varietyMany of the largest bonuses require significant staking commitments
Impressive rewards programsCan take a long time to get a Visa card
Suitable for traders at all experience levelsConfusing to sign up on two services (the app and exchange require two different accounts)
Trading costs are relatively low
Metal crypto cards are stylish and provide good kickbacks Offers Final Thoughts

All in all, offers some fantastic rewards and earning potential. There are plenty of products available and users of the platform can easily use their crypto in 1000s of stores worldwide just as they would a regular Visa debit card. Whether is right for you largely depends on two factors: time and money. As most of the exchange’s best rewards are reserved for those who stake the most, not all will enjoy the rewards programs at the same levels. promotion Promotion Code Disclaimer incentive offer details for opening a new account can change without notice. Promotion

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