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Coinbase Referral Bonus: Refer a Friend Program

Coinbase friend referral bonus program offer code for recommended friend or family member to open a new brokerage account in 2024

Coinbase Friend Referral Bonus

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Coinbase Referral Program

The Coinbase referral program comes in two varieties. There is the friend referral program and then there is an affiliate program. Both can be used to send invites and both provide monetary kickbacks for promoting Coinbase in different ways.

The Referral Program

For both the referrer and the referee to earn the $10 referral bonuses at Coinbase, all that is required is that current users generate a referral link from their referrals page within the account. That link is then shared with new users who have never had an account with Coinbase before.

Using the link, new users sign up for a new account on Coinbase (not Coinbase Pro as there is no referral program for Coinbase Pro).

Once a new user has successfully signed up and verified their ID, all that is left to activate the referral bonus is to initiate trades worth up to $100 within the first six months of the account.

To satisfy the $100 trade requirement, new Coinbase customers (referees/invitees) can make a series of trades that add up to the required amount or one trade that covers the entire amount.

Once the trade requirement is satisfied, Coinbase will credit the referrer’s account with $10 for each successful referral.

Terms for Referral Program

When taking advantage of the referral program there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that referral payments are made.

Coinbase users are not allowed to use paid advertising campaigns to promote their own referral links. This is something that many people are tempted to do but Coinbase (as well as every other exchange) does not allow it.

Referred customers should create an account from one of the 100+ supported countries on the Coinbase network. Go here for a complete list of supported countries.

Referred customers must use the referral link that you provide. If they do not, you will not be credited for the referral. This is important because creating a new account is very easy from the mobile app. If your referees are not careful, they can circumvent your referral link quite easily. To solve this problem, simply request that they create their new accounts on the browser and that they use the link to open the sign up page.

Coinbase Affilaite program

The Affiliate Program

In contrast to the Coinbase Referral program, the Affiliate program is meant for larger campaigns. It also pays out differently.

Affiliates at Coinbase are able to do things differently than those using the referral program. For example, paid campaigns are allowed and Coinbase offers promotional content to help with the conversion process.

Affiliates earn 50% of all fees (of which there are many at Coinbase) for the first three months of each new customer’s account life.

To join the Coinbase affiliate program it is necessary to create an account with “impact”. You will need to provide information about yourself, your company, and the methods that you plan to promote Coinbase. Once the required information is given, all that’s left is to agree to the contract and receive a referral link.

The Coinbase affiliate signup page can be found here.

Coinbase Friend Referral Bonus

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