Crypto.com Referral Bonus: Investing App Refer a Friend Program (2024)

Crypto.com.com referral bonus: $25. July 2024 trading app Crypto.com refer a friend program offer code to recommend a family member to open a new account.

Crypto.com Friend Referral Program

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Crypto.com Friend Referral Bonus

Crypto.com has two friend referral programs. One is for the Crypto.com mobile app and the other is for Crypto.com Exchange. The services are run by the same company but are organized individually, thus the separate referral programs.

Crypto.com App Referral Program

The referral program on offer on the Crypto.com App goes by the name BG25.

For each successful referral, both the referrer and the referee receive a $25 reward. For the referee, the $25 comes in the form of a sign on bonus. The referrer gets the money as a referral payment.

Crypto.Com App Referral Bonus

For both people to receive the $25 bonus, the referee must stake CRO for one of Crypto.com’s metal debit cards.

Referral Link

To find the referral link on the Crypto.com App, users should go to the ‘Rewards’ page on the app. From there, users can select the ‘Referral Bonus’ option to see their current referral bonus status and create a new referral link.

Crypto.com Friend Referral Program

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Staking Requirement

As mentioned, to activate the referral bonus, new users must stake CRO in their accounts.

New users must stake enough CRO to reserve a metal Visa Crypto.com debit card. Staking requirements range from $400 (in CRO for 6 months) to $400,000 (in CRO for 6 months), depending on the card type reserved.

It is only necessary for the referee to stake enough CRO to reserve the lowest level metal Visa card to unlock the referral bonus. However, numerous benefits come into a Crypto.com user’s account when more CRO is staked.

Signing Up

For new users at Crypto.com, signing up is quite a simple process. However, referees will need to manually enter in the referral code during the signup process. Once the new account is created and the referral code is registered in the system, the only step left is to pass the ID verification steps.

Crypto.com Exchange Referral Program

The referral bonus on the Crypto.com Exchange is quite attractive. The upper limits of what referrer’s can earn are high and there are no limitations on how many people are referred.

To unlock the best referral payouts, the referee will need to stake a significant amount of CRO.

Crypto.Com Exchange Referral Bonus

Referral Payouts

Referral payouts come in two forms: commission kickbacks and staking rewards. The staking rewards are calculated based on amount of CRO staked by a new users. The commission payout refers to the 50% of all trading fees (for 12 months) that referrers earn from the trading activity of their referees.

With increasingly higher staking amounts come better referral payouts. New users can stake anywhere from 1000 CRO to 5,000,000 CRO, to trigger a referral payout ranging from $10 to $2000.

Referral Payout Requirements

To successfully complete a referral, the new user should stake a minimum of 1000 CRO and pass ID verification for Know Your Customer (KYC) purposes.


It is good to keep in mind that a referral link generated on the App and the Exchange are unique the platform they are intended for. The code is often the same, however. When generating a sharing links, it is always recommended that users make it very clear to their referees which platform the referral link is for.

It is also good to know that to trigger any payouts, there must be a ‘successful completion’ of the trigger events. In the case of staking, that means leaving CRO staked for at least 6 months. If the stake is interrupted, it is very likely that no referral bonus will be paid out.

Crypto.com Friend Referral Program

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