CEX.IO Promotion Offers and Bonus in 2024

CEX.IO promotions, bonuses, and cash incentives to open new crypto currencies trading account or for depositing money in 2024.

CEX.IO Promotions and Incentives

Traders have a lot to like about CEX.IO as it offers plenty of great features to investors of all skill levels. When it comes to promotional offers and bonuses, however, CEX.IO is a bit lackluster when compared with some other big names in the crypto industry.

In place of the usual referral bonuses, sign on bonuses, and rewards programs that other exchanges offer, traders will find staking, an affiliate program, and occasional giveaways.

Are the current CEX.IO ‘promo’ offers interesting enough to keep traders satisfied? Read on to find out.

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CEX.IO Promotions

At first glance, CEX.IO seems to have a conservative approach to bonus offers and promotions. The exchange provides traders with a few methods for increasing their digital asset stack, but certainly nothing fancy.

The few offers that do exist are more like features than promotions, but in some cases the programs on offer might very well beat out some of the flashier approaches to promotional offers found on other cryptocurrency exchanges. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

Here are the current promotional offers at CEX.IO.


Staking is one of the features on CEX.IO that is geared towards long-term earnings.

Staking is available to CEX.IO customer in over 150 countries, but users from the USA are currently restricted from staking. However, steps are being taken to improve the staking situation for US customers.

There are several available coins to stake, and the annual percentage yield is specific each coin. Staking rewards are calculated every day and the earnings are deposited into investors accounts each month.

Staking rewards range from 3% to 20%.

Here is a breakdown of each coin and its staking reward:

CEX.IO Staking

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Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program can provide investors with a passive income strategy that lasts. It is a program that can easily turn into an ongoing bonus.

The affiliate program allows users to invite others to the exchange with a dedicated link. When referred customers begin to use CEX.IO products and services, the referrer receives 30% of all commissions and fees as an affiliate kickback.

Two of the most notable things about the referral program is that there is no time limitation on receiving the commission percentages, and users can invite as many people as they like.

CEXIO Referrals


The crypto giveaway promotions at CEX.IO create incentives for traders to share help advertise for the exchange. By following some simple steps on social media, users are given entries to win the giveaway.

The Giveaways are created to promote newly introduced coins on the crypto trading platform.

Structured as a lottery, the giveaway program awards a select few contestants with free cryptocurrencies, provided they win the draw. Each giveaway program has a time limit to enter, and winners are chosen soon after the ‘closing bell’.

CEXIO Giveaway

Past Promotions

The state of promotional offers and welcome bonuses at CEX.IO seems to be in flux much of the time. For that reason, the ‘current’ offers may be subject to change. Looking at some of the company’s past promotional offers it stands to reason that we may see some interesting additions to the promotion program in the near future.

Some recent promotional offers include:

- a cashback promo worth up to $200 for customers who bought crypto with a credit card,
- a $50 sign on bonus for new registrants during the Christmas holidays,
- and prizes (paid in cryptocurrencies) for contest winners.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on promotional offers, CEX.IO is not it. While the exchange does offer some interesting ways to increase their holdings, promos and bonuses just don’t seem to be a primary focus.

That said, there are some programs that can provide huge potential for CEX.IO users to make consistent money from the platform.

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