CEX.IO Referral Bonus: Investing App Refer a Friend Program (2024)

CEX.IO.com referral bonus: 30%. July 2024 trading app CEX.IO refer a friend program offer code to recommend a family member to open a new account.

CEX.IO Friend Referral Program

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CEX.IO Referral (Affiliate) Program Overview

The CEX.IO referral program comes in the form of an affiliate program. The program is built to support every type of referral strategy, whether that means inviting one or two friends or thousands of people.

CEX.IO Referral Program Steps

Signing up for a referral link is the first step in joining the affiliate program. The link is free, and easy to obtain.

With the affiliate link, users can then share the link with friends or through promotional campaigns.

Anyone who receives a referral link simply uses it to sign up for a new account at CEX.IO.

From that point on, a percentage of all transactions on the referee’s account go to the referrer.

CEX.IO Referral Bonus

Referral Program Benefits

Among the many benefits that come from the referral program at CEX.IO are ease of access to the program, automatic payments, long-term outlook, and a high percentage yield.

Ease of access

The referral program is one of the most hands-off programs that you will encounter, and it seems to be built that way for a reason. Once a referral link is shared, there is nothing left for the referrer to do except wait for the regular payouts to begin trickling into their account.

The program is equally simple for new users coming to CEX.IO with a referral link. All that is required is that they use the referral link to access the account creation page. From there the CEX.IO system handles the rest.

Automatic payments

Automatic payments is another useful benefit. Referrers do not need to do anything apart from sharing a link to collect the money they earn from their referees. All earnings are calculated and paid out on a set schedule.

Payments are automatically credited to the referrer’s account 30 days after the commission is earned. Commissions trigger when a referee makes a trade. At that point, 30% of the commission fees are routed to the referrer.


The scope is one of the most interesting things about the friend referral program at CEX.IO. The earning potential that CEX.IO’s affiliate program provides is virtually limitless.

CEX.IO customers can invite as many people as they wish to the platform. Even better, though, is that the earned commission percentage on each referral never stops. For the life of each referee’s account and for every trade they place, the referrer enjoys a kickback.

Referral Program Considerations

CEX.IO users should consider a few important factors.

All referrers should pass the first level of identity verification, a system that follows the “Know Your Customer (KYC)” concept. While verifying ID is not necessary to generate and share the referral link, it is needed to make cash withdrawals from a CEX.IO account.

Referral links are good for 30 days. Depending on a user’s referral strategy, they may wish to consider updating their links on a regular basis. This is especially important for anyone including referral links on a blog or website.

CEX.IO Friend Referral Program

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