Voyager Referral Bonus: Refer a Friend Program in 2024

Voyager referral bonus. Voyager refer friend or family program offer. Incentive to recommend to open new account.

Voyager Friend Referral Bonus

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Voyager Referral Program Overview

The referral program at Voyager provides users with the potential to earn up to $2500 per year, in Bitcoin.

The Voyager referral program provides $25 in BTC to both the referrer and the referee once certain criteria is met.

To trigger the BTC payouts, the referred trader must use the referral link provided by the referrer and then make at least $100 in trades on the Voyager platform.

The following is a breakdown of the Voyager referral program.

Getting Started

To get started with the Voyager referral program, there are two things that every referrer must have. One is an account with Voyager and the other is the Voyager app.

From the app, users can generate a referral code and a link. Both can be shared in a variety of ways. Either through email, social media, or on personal blogs and websites.

The limit for how many referees can be invited is 100 per year. However, according to Voyager help files, the broker is willing to work with anyone who wishes to exceed that number.

To unlock the referral cap, simply contact support and they will create a unique solution.

Voyager Reward-Tracker

Earning the Voyager Referral Bonus

To earn the referral bonus, the referee should use the provided link to create a new account once they have downloaded the app. It is not possible for current users to take advantage of this offer as each newly referred ‘friend’ should be coming to Voyager for the first time.

Once the app is downloaded and the referral link is used to create the new account, Voyager will send a confirmation email letting the referrer know that a successful referral took place.

The only thing left to do is wait for the referred trader to verify their identity and address and make trades totaling $100. When that milestone is achieved, a referral payout of $25 (in BTC) is credited to both the referred trader and the referrer.

Voyager Referral Steps


As with all referral programs, there are a few terms that referrers should be aware of before dedicating time and effort to developing a referral strategy.

Cashing in your referral BTC at Voyager

For each referral BTC credit that is made to an account, a waiting period of 14 days exists. The bonus is credited within the first 72 hours of the referral criteria being met, the waiting period begins. Once the 14 days have elapsed, the funds can be traded and removed from the Voyager account just as any other asset.

Missing Voyager Referral Links

For referees who fail to use their provided referral link, it is often the case that the referrer does not get the credit for making the referral. At Voyager, that is not an issue. All that is required to get the referral credit is to contact support and they will remedy the situation.