Kraken Referral Bonus: Refer a Friend Program in 2024

Kraken referral bonus. Crypto Kraken refer friend or family program offer. Incentive to recommend to open new account.

Kraken Friend Referral Bonus

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Kraken Referral Program

Kraken offers a potentially lucrative referral program that it dubs its affiliate program. Instead of running a referral program alongside a more advertisement-friendly affiliate program, Kraken decided to go with one program that everyone can take part in.

Well, almost everyone. There are some requirements for the program that not everyone will meet.

The Kraken affiliate program pays out 20% of all fees and commissions for the life of each new referee account. The 20% kickback is paid out until a ceiling of $1,000 dollars is hit.

Kraken Affiliate Application

Affiliate Program Link

Getting the Kraken affiliate link is a little more complex than the standard referral link that is found on many other platforms and exchanges. However, the process is similar to other affiliate programs.

To get your Kraken affiliate link, you will need to meet a set of affiliate criteria, give your personal information in an application, and agree to the terms.

Affiliate Criteria

Both individuals and business are allowed to use the affiliate program, but satisfying the affiliate requirements may be more difficult for some retail users.

To get an affiliate link, the platform on which you will advertise Kraken should fall into one or more of the following formats:

If you are planning to share your affiliate link on social media, you must have a publicly viewable account. It is also required that you have at least 5,000 followers. For most social media platforms, there is no requirement for the focus of the account to be geared towards financial or blockchain topics.

If you are planning to share the Kraken affiliate link on Facebook, the same number of follows is required (5,000) but there is a requirement that the focus of the page or group be financial or blockchain related.

If you are planning to promote your affiliate link on a website, there is no minimum follower requirement, but there should be some reference to finance or cryptocurrency somewhere on the site.

Kraken Referral Payouts

All affiliate payouts are made at the end of the month and are based on all activity that took place up until the 15th of each month. Once the affiliate commissions are calculated on the 15th, there is a 14-day processing period before payments are made directly into the registered bank account.

Payouts are made in the default currency of the account.

Kraken Referral Terms and Conditions

There are some things that will disqualify an affiliate program that should be noted.

Affiliate links cannot be shared on, sites that are not owned by the affiliate, sites that provide gambling services, or LinkedIn.

Important Considerations

Affiliate links can be blocked by various browsers and extensions. If this happens, the referrer will not receive credit for the referral.

Using services like AdBlock, Brave, and other privacy focused tools, therefore, will stop the cookies and Google Analytics necessary to track new members from a provided affiliate link. It is a good idea to inform referees of this limitation to ensure that you get credit from the referral.